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Sport COnnect and REspect

Unite life and sport. Support coaches, parents and youth so that we can all SCORE a more meaningful experience in sport.

Based on current research in sport psychology and youth development, this program aims to develop:

Confidence, Competence, Connection, Character

It's all FREE!  As an international research study, this project is funded by universities and sponsors.  Meet the Team!

You have already SCORED by proving your interest in positive youth sport development.  Now to the fun part of trying out the activities laid out in this program with your team.  We'll be with you every step of the way!


True Sport is proud to recognize Project SCORE as a tool for athletes, coaches and parents looking to ensure that good sport makes a great difference. The 4 C’s framework in conjunction with the True Sport Principles, is a holistic approach to sport delivery that emphasizes more than the technical and tactical. This approach provides useful tips and suggestions to maximize the benefits of a positive sport experience; instiling character in youth, building stronger communities and increasing opportunities for excellence.

Karri Dawson, Senior Director, Quality Sport, Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport

The translation of the ProjectSCORE! website to the Portuguese language was conducted through a partnership between Fernando Santos, School of Higher Education and inED Center for Research and Innovation in Education, and Leisha Strachan, University of Manitoba, and derived from the research conducted by these two researchers.



The researchers involved with Project SCORE are grateful for the support of funders and friends. We would like to acknowledge their contributions.