'Competition Routines'

As a parent, you know that routines are an important part of a child’s life! In sport, competitions routines are key to helping your child to feel ready for practices and competitions – particularly competitions. Everything from their nutrition to maintaining a positive attitude to packing their bag the night before can help them ‘control the controllables’. Parents have an opportunity to play a big role in helping their child to figure out their routines and establishing positive habits in this regard.

Recommended Parent SCORE Plays – 'Competition Routines'

  • Come with a competition checklist with your child and allow him or her to pack their equipment the night before. You can also double check after they have packed to make sure they have everything.
  • After the competition or game is over, ask your child to reflect on how they played and if or how they could have felt more prepared. They can also reflect on what went well!

'Let’s Play'

Numerous papers point to the many benefits of ‘deliberate play’ (sport activities designed to maximize enjoyment, regulated by flexible rules and generally led of young people). Allowing some time for deliberate play within sport programs gives an opportunity for youth to build automony, creativity, problem-solving, and fun! Other than organized practice, parents can play a role in promoting this type of play.

Recommended Parent SCORE Plays – 'Let’s Play'

  • Offer to play a game with your child in your backyard, on your street, or at a local park.
  • Have equipment readily available for your child so that it is easy for them to make a choice to play (i.e., set up a basketball net)
  • Encourage your child to engage other children in the neighbourhood in play (i.e., pick up hockey or basketball)

'Sport for Life'

Participation in sport can teach a number of lessons that are useful at school and in day to day interactions with friends and family. Confidence, competence, connection, and character are topics that can be taught (and reinforced) through sport. Taking a moment to make the link between what is learned in sport and how it relates to other domains is a lesson that will stay with your child.

Recommended Parent SCORE Plays – 'Sport for Life'

  • Share a sport story that you experienced in your development, what you learned from that experience, and how it has helped you as a parent or in your chosen profession.
  • Find a story of a sport personality on YouTube or through social media that speaks about using skills through sport to help in life.
  • If your child is frustrated in his or her sport experience, remind him or her of lessons that they are learning that will help them in life. Try to give them some perspective!